[faq] Top Resources

I’ve been getting a lot of resource questions and cannot answer them specifically for each and every person because most of my time is reserved for The Club Level.

Here’s a quick rundown of resources based on the most frequently asked questions (yes, most of these have my referral link)…

#1 Where to you host your sites?
Hostgator has a lot of them, but I use BlueHost for recent additions. Stay away from Hostgator if possible.

#2 What autoresponder do you use?

#3 What shopping cart and checkout system do you use?

#4 Where do you get your domains?

#5 What do you use for evergreen webinars and autoplays?

#6 What do you use for your webinars?

#7 What do you recommend for payment processing?
PayPal & Stripe

#8 What do you use to build landing pages and funnels?

#9 What do you use for membership sites?

Success is NOT an Accident!

The Five Secrets of Building Profitable Mailing L.I.S.T.S.

The money is in the list, they say.

But if you’ve ever tried to build a profitable mailing list, you know it’s a whole lot easier said than done.  Just look around, and you’ll see plenty of other marketers who might be able to get some decent subscriber numbers, but they can’t seem to turn these subscribers into money in the bank.

If you’re having the same sort of troubles, then you’re going to love this report. That’s because you’re about to discover the five secrets of building profitable mailing L.I.S.T.S. Here’s what you’re about to learn…

Build Your Online Business

Here’s the #1 question I get when it comes on being a digital entrepreneur…

“How can I make six figures or more online without working hard?”

You can’t. Have you lost your mind? Are you reading those 1,128 page sales letters with the picts of the guy sitting on the beach drinking from a coconut?

Next question.

“How can I make six figures online by serving a market?”

Ahhhhhhhh. I can show you how to do that! 🙂

Usually, I’m reluctant to talk about actual amounts when it comes to online business. The main reason is that people think it’s a promise…

“Paul said I would make a kagillion dollars!!”

No I didn’t you silly bird.

In this outrageously long article I am going to show you how to create a $100,000+ year business using nothing but your laptop and stuff in your head and heart…