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What is your Genius?

A few years ago I got assigned the brunch at our church’s “Friend Day.”

Me: You do NOT want me doing the brunch.

Committee: You will be great at it.

Me: It’s not what I do.

Committee: You need to be a team player because you will be great at it.

Me: Somehow I think you have confused my shining personality with being able to do brunch.

Committee: You will be great at it.

Fast forward to the debriefing after Friend Day.

Committee: That was the worst brunch we ever had!


Let’s stay in our lanes and work with our strengths.

Ex: I got in a packet of financial from Jeff Guinning at C2. I put those on Caleb’s desk without even opening it because that’s an area of incompetence. However, I contacted Jeff to let him know we got it because it’s an area of competence. 

To be the MOST productive we need to spend 70% of our time in the Genius zone (No one else can come close to doing this like me), 20% in the Excellence zone (People call me and ask me to do this), 19% in the Competence zone (you can trust me to carry this out at an acceptable level), and 1% moving our Incompetence to someone else.